TMJ Services

Full Mouth Reconstruction (following TMJ Therapy)
Full mouth reconstruction can be performed for different reasons but the process of a successful reconstruction is in the neuromuscular arena. The important factor to remember that you can not just put veneers and crowns on all the teeth without looking at teeth, muscles and joints! This concept and procedure is called “Neuromuscular Dentistry” and the dentists who practice these concepts make it a priority to establish the optimal relationship with teeth, muscles and joints. This allows A Beautiful Smile that is functional, comfortable and lasting.

Dr. Mark Escoto uses the Myotronics K7 that can precisely measure the jaw opening and muscle activity. Using this advance technology, the restorations are exceptionally attractive, strong and A Beautiful Smile in optimum relationship with teeth, muscles and joints.

As you can see in the photos of our male and female subjects, their “before” photos include a Neuromuscular Orthotic Appliance. This type of therapy is generally done when a patient has some or all of these symptoms:

Facial pain
Chewing difficulties
Hot and cold sensitivity to the teeth
Ringing in the ears
Clenching or grinding
Loose teeth
Jaw pain
Clicking or noise in the jaw joint
Neck pain
Limited mouth opening
Postural problems
Insomnia or nervousness
Ear congestion
Difficulty swallowing
Some form of accident (auto, sports, slip and fall, etc.)

The Neuromuscular Orthotic Appliance is worn 24/7 during their therapy period. This time frame is per individual case and needs. Their bite is repositioned gently and slowly to create the naturally comfortable position. The patient is monitored closely through the entire treatment.

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